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  • Crafted at Westin
The Lounge Bar
Call to Reserve: +390263362081
Taste the natural flavors while your stay at The Westin Palace Milan and feel invigorated with signature cocktail created for you. With Crafted at Westin the selection of nutrient products is bigger than ever: jump in lively smells proper of real Mediterranean products, mixed for you to create a unique combination of tastes. Sample now your favourite crafted cocktail in Milan!
Apple flavored alcoholic drink
CLUBLAND A fresh mix of Vodka and White port, a sensational mix between strong and sweet taste SMIRK ROYALE Fresh lemon juice mixed with ginger beer and a base of Gin and pear liquour RUM PUNCH Spiced rum with Campari and a tear of wine creating the perfect balance
Alcoholic drinks
The best Irish whiskey with a great taste of homemade punch, everything garnish with a lemon twist NEGRONINO The unmistakable taste of one of the most renown Italian cocktails, revisited with Agave syrup LA BRANCA The name recalls a famous Italian liquour, enriched with fig jam and fresh lime juice
Cocktail in glass
The famous Mezcal with orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, and a tear of Cointreau If you prefer an alchol free cocktail our barman selected the flavour of the Mediterranean with: SICILIAN PUNCH Cranberry juice and Italy Citrus mix with a touch of house made almond milk Join us now in The Loung Bar and find out which is your new favorite cocktail.